Company profile

R.M.I. Global Logistic Services is as family owned organization, founded in 1997 by Jan de Rijke, Chris de Rijke, Erica de Rijke and Peter Scholten. In Italy R.M.I. found the right partner in Marenzana, a local road tanker company, together they performed the first activities which were mainly on the route Benelux - Italy.

In 1999 R.M.I. started its first deep-sea activities mainly within the food market, later also in chemicals.
From that moment R.M.I. maintained continuous growth and in the years to follow the activities spread out within Europe as well as the continents.
R.M.I. currently operates 5.000 tank containers.  

In 2001 in the United States R.M.I.'s first overseas office opened, followed by Argentina, Canada, England, Malaysia and Singapore
In 65 other countries R.M.I. is represented by agents.